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Sudha Goswami

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Sudha Goswami carries rich experience of problem solving from her time working as a software tester. She was always fascinated by Occult sciences like astrology and numerology. Being an enthusiast and an active learner, she kept trying to study numerology from various sources, then she decided to learn numerology professionally. She always believed that time does bring you to the right destination. Our birthdates cannot be changed, but we can change the vibrations of our name by syncing it with our lucky numbers. She has successfully helped many clients who have benefited immensely.

Introducing Angel Numberrs, your one-stop numerological service! We specialise in providing remedies to create positive vibrations and sync your name to your lucky number, all based on your date of birth that cannot be changed!

With this, we'll help you create wealth, prosperity and success in business and personal life. Get ready to discover the power of a better you through Angel Numberrs. A numerologist like, Sudha Goswami can suggest various solutions for the life cycles that affect any person..

Currently Sudha is into Professional Consultation for...

* Individuals

* Corporates

* New Born Baby Name

Healing through switch words & Numerology



Our Services


Personalised Detailed Report

Personalized detailed report is prepared with remedies and name correction if required.
Report clearly mentions your strengths, weaknesses and how to overcome it, lucky numbers, colours, lucky mobile number, lucky bank account number. As an added bonus a Lucky Number Energizer & birth number is given to enhance your luck. Personal year analysis and profession are also recommended as an add-on.
Before preparation of the report a one to one call is initiated to discuss and understand all your concerns and issues. After the report is sent, you can study and have another call to get any clarifications and to understand the finer details on how to implement the remedies.


Corporate Numerology

It happens sometimes that even after working hard, and putting in the best efforts, the business doesn't perform well.

Wondering how can numerology help in business growth and prosperity??

Numerology identifies the weaker links and gives you remedies and help your business to reach your expectations and overcome all the challenges.

Your business name and your partner's numbers can be big challenges. Sudha Goswami, a numerologist can suggest some cosmetic changes in your business name and even help you analyse your partner's (if any) weaknesses.


New Born Baby Name

Name plays a very important role in our life. The greatest gift you can give your child as soon as he/she is born is by giving a name that reflects the positive qualities associated with the numerological value of the name so as to give positive vibrations
Keeping the name of the child which syncs with the date of birth is the best gift you can give to your child. This name will incorporate the preferred positive features in your child.

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